Stacked order

Stacked orders: how does it work again?

A stacked order means you will pick up more than one order from the same restaurant to drop it off at multiple addresses. You will be able to earn more bonus and tips as you’ll be dropping off more orders in one ride. Additionally, we can offer our customers an even better food delivery experience during peak hours as they’ll have to wait less longer. Please keep the following in mind:

0 When a new order pops up, the app will show you how many orders you’ll collect and where to deliver them
0 In the restaurant, the app will show what you should collect per order
0 People might be allergic to something in the other order, so it’s wise to keep the orders in different containers and bag!
0 After you have marked it collected, the app will tell you the first address and so on until all orders are delivered.
0 When you arrive at the first customer, it is wise to check the receipt stapled to the bag so you take the correct order for that customer.

Problems with a stacked order? Then please be in touch with Rider Support if necessary.