Up-to-date incentives

Activation incentive:
Hop on your bike, drop your first order and earn the activation incentive of €50. When you do 30 orders in 3 weeks, you earn another €25. How great is that! (You receive this incentive a month after you delivered those 30 orders)

Two weekly incentive:
Every 2 weeks there are new incentives that can help you earn extra money. For example: When you deliver 25 orders in 2 weeks, you earn an extra €20. Keep an eye on the Roosletter to know what incentives are up for that week.

Referral incentive:
When you’re a rider and you convinced your friends to become a rider too, you can get a referral incentive. For every new rider you refer, both you and your buddy will receive a certain amount. You can find the current amounts in your Rider App under ‘FAQ’. BUT, there is a condition– Your buddy has to use your unique referral code when he/she starts working as a rider and he/she has to have completed 30 orders within 60 days from time of application. To send your unique link, follow these steps:

Open the rider app
Tap ‘refer a rider’
Share your unique code

Make sure your buddy really uses this unique code during his/her registration! You receive this incentive together with your other payments, which is every 2 weeks.

For all other questions, you can contact [email protected]


You will receive the referrals and incentives together with the payment (twice a month; one at the beginning and one halfway the month).