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Working with Deliveroo in a nutshell

For each delivery you receive a fee based on the distance of the order. On top of that, you can get tips via the app or in cash at the door and you can earn nice bonuses.

Click here for more information about earnings.

As a Deliveroo rider you get exclusive access to many cool deals. We offer online courses for free, you can rent an e-bike for only €85 per month and we’ve arranged many discounts at bike shops, clothing stores, many of our restaurants and much more! Curious? Click here to check out all deals.

Building a community is a lot easier if you know the people in it, right? That’s why each month we organise events in the different cities we operate. These events can be cooking classes, drinks, BBQ’s, lectures and even city trips! All events are free for our riders and no need to worry if you don’t know other riders (yet). We will take care of food, drinks and good atmosphere for you to create the community you like. See you there! Click here to check out all deals.

Every two weeks we send out our newsletter a.k.a. the Roosletter where we keep you up to date with the latest events, deals and lots of other fun stuff. Additionally, we would love to know how you like riding with us; that’s why we’ll send an occasional survey so we can check how we’re doing. Oh, and let’s not forget Social Media! You can follow us here and here. If you have a Support question, please go to our Contact Form.


For every order you do, you will receive a fee based on the distance of the order. Please find all information about how much you earn here.

Beside this fee, customers can give you tips via the Rider App or in cash.


No, if you earn less than €603,92 every four weeks, you won’t need a KvK- and VAT (BTW) number. You can read all about it on this page.

Do you want to register at the KvK but don’t know how? You can find plenty of information online. For example, you can take a look at this video made by BOOSTZ (switch on subtitles).

As mentioned above, if you earn no more than €603,92 per four weeks, you can work without having a KvK- and VAT-number. In this case, you’ll be riding under our “Regular Model”. For more information, please click here!

An invoice will be sent via email on your behalf with the amount of hours worked and the orders delivered.

If you work with a KvK/Tax number your invoice will include tax as agreed in the Rider Agreement (Overeenkomst van opdracht). In order for you to receive your payment, we’ll need some information such as your IBAN and address and in some cases your  KvK and VAT number.

You can expect the invoice twice a month on a Tuesday. You’ll receive the payment the day after. Check out our calendar for all pay days.

Every two weeks you will receive your invoice on Tuesday. This means that you will receive your payment the next day. The invoice contains all the orders you have done starting from the Monday two weeks before the invoice date until Sunday (two days before invoice date): a total of 14 days.

=> The Monday before the invoice date, will be included in the next payment period!

You can now claim your earnings whenever you want!

You’ll still be paid biweekly every Tuesday as normal, but you also have the option to claim your fees straight away. To use the feature, just tap your current balance on the Earnings page, then confirm the payment. If you do this before 21:00 Mon-Fri, you’ll receive your fees instantly – if you process it after 21:00 or on the weekend, your fees will be sent to your bank account the next working day. It costs €0.50 each time you use this. Of course, there’s still no transaction fee on normal fee days.

We’re rolling this out over the next few weeks – if you don’t see the feature yet, sit tight and check back soon. Make sure your app is up to date by tapping Settings and Check for app updates.

Please note: if you’re signed up with Verloning.nl, you won’t be able to use this feature.

Incentives are extra earnings you receive on top of your earnings per order and tips. After reaching a specific target, which varies per city, you can earn some extra money. Every two weeks you receive an email from us with the up-to-date incentives along with the Roosletter, so don’t forget to check your e-mail inbox.

Please note; if you’re riding in multiple cities, we’ll apply the incentives of the city where you’ve delivered most of your orders.

Did you just start working with Deliveroo? Hop on your bike, do your first order and you’ll receive an activation incentive of €25,-! On top of that, you can earn an extra €50,- when you have delivered 25 orders within three weeks after your first order.

This incentive will usually be transferred to your account after a month and a half, because the period of time to collect the orders needed to get the incentive is 3 weeks. After those three weeks we can process your incentive if you have done the amount of orders needed to get it. We always pay out the activation fee at the end of the month, so if the payment date just passed, it will take two or four more weeks of your to get your incentive.

*Please note: this incentive is only valid when you did not enter a referral code during your application and if you applied before February 11th, 2019.

Application process

Thanks for wanting to ride with Deliveroo!

How? You can apply online and follow a few steps. After each step you will receive an email about the next step, so read the emails carefully!
– Go to www.deliveroo.nl/apply and we ask you for some personal information. You will receive the next step via email: watching a few videos.
– After watching the videos, you can make an appointment for an ID check. During the appointment we will check your documents and we will help you with your application.
– After checking your documents, we ask you for some additional information for your account.
– You can sign the agreement and order your gear if needed.
– You are almost there! The only thing that you need to do is download the app via the App Store or the Google Play Store.
– After we’ve set up your account, you can login to the app and book your sessions using Self Serve Booking. As soon as you have your gear, you are ready to hit the road.

Ride safe!

Working with Deliveroo means that you will work based on a contract for services. This means that;
– You can earn up to €603,92 every four weeks
– You do not need a KvK-registration.

As you cannot exceed this amount, we will inform you once you have reached 80% and 90% of the threshold. If you reach 100% of this earnings threshold, your account will be temporarily placed on hold until the end of the pay period when you can begin earning again. If you cross the 100% threshold twice, your account will be deactivated. However, you can still continue to work with us! In that case we ask for your KvK- and BTW(tax)-number, which you can get by registering at the Chamber of Commerce.

Want limitless riding and limitless earning? No problem! In that case we ask for your KvK- and BTW(tax)-number. Please note: if you have a non-European nationality, this is your ONLY option to work with Deliveroo!

You sure can! When you’re under 18, you can ride according to our Regular Model. For more information, click here.

Whenever there are too many rider applicants in a city, we’ll have to put a hold stage in place. We’ll send you an e-mail once there’s space in our rider fleet. Thank you for your patience!

Rider Kit

Safety first! The Kit you use to deliver orders has to meet the safety- and quality standards of Deliveroo. You can read those in our agreement. If you don’t have a Rider Kit at your disposal, there’s the possibility to order it in our Shopify webshop. You can order the basic items (backpack, thermal bag, and jacket) at a discount by using the code you receive in your mailbox once you get to the stage in the application process to order your Rider Kit.

It is not mandatory to order a Rider Kit from Deliveroo, but it does need to comply with the safety- and quality standards of Deliveroo. If you have your own gear, you can have this checked via our Contact Form. It’s important to have at least a backpack, thermal bag and jacket with reflective elements during the deliveries to ensure your health & safety on the road.

If something goes wrong with your Rider Kit (e.g. zipper is broken) within the six months warranty period, please go to our Contact Form. We will make sure you receive a new item so you can be back on the road as soon as possible. Is your warranty period expired? You can order a new item via this link.

Don’t panic! You can first check out your Track & Trace code to see where your order is and ask your neighbors whether they might have received it.

Still didn’t find your order? Go to the Contact Form to get in touch with us.

Please be in touch with through the Contact Form.

Please get in touch with us through the Contact Form.

When you stop working with Deliveroo you can keep your Rider Kit. Thank you for riding with us!

No problem, just contact us via the Contact Form. Don’t forget to provide us with the following info:

  • Your order number
  • The item you want to swap
  • The new size you would like to receive

You can decide for yourself which backpack you would like to use during deliveries, as long as it meets the requirements of food and traffic safety. The weight of the bag will vary per order, however, we aim towards a maximum weight of 12 KG. The Deliveroo bag itself weighs 1.96 KG.

Are you an existing rider and would you like to order new or extra items? Check out our webshop here!

The Deliveroo Rider App

You can download the Rider App via the App Store or Google Play Store. To get access to your Rider App, you’ll need to complete the onboarding process.

To log into your Rider App, follow the steps below!


We’ll tell you everything about booking sessions (in a video, yes!) here.


You can contact Rider Support via the Rider chat on the Deliveroo rider app. If you can’t get into the Rider App, please get in touch with us through the Contact Form.

Always make sure to log in with the phone number you initially signed up with for Deliveroo. You can request a new pin by clicking on ”Request a new pin”.

We have a special page dedicated to this. Feel free to check it out here!

There can be lots of reasons why you may be unable to work with us while logged in to the app. This may be because you’re busy at that time or just taking a quick break. No reason is needed to decide not to work, or reject an order.

If you no longer want to receive new orders at that moment, you can go offline in the app. To reject an order you can choose to reject it when it is offered to you, or choose to be unassigned at any time during the delivery.

When we offer you an order, it stays open on your screen for 100 seconds. After 100 seconds, if you don’t accept or reject, the system assumes you don’t want to complete it at this time and offers the delivery to another rider. This is to prevent an unlimited delay to deliver the food to the customer.

If three orders in a row aren’t actioned on within 100 seconds because you don’t interact with your app, we assume that you’ve left your status as online by mistake and for this reason change your status to offline. Of course you’re always able to go back online straight away if you wish.


We are aware that the way we’re offering stacked orders isn’t great at the moment and that the stacked order will only be offered once you’re at the restaurant. The reason behind this is that the orders usually are made at different times and the system has to match each order to a rider. Due to safety reasons, we don’t want to distract you while you’re on your way to the restaurant with another notification.


We do understand that it is not ideal that you’re unable to reject the second order and that you’re unable to see the route to the second address. We want you to know that we’re working hard to improve these two features and that for now, you can always take yourself off the second order. To do so, please contact Live Support via the chat feature in your Rider App.

When you arrive at the restaurant, you’ll be able to check the ‘ready time’ of your order by clicking the ? icon in the top right corner. In this same screen, you’ll find a timer that is showing you how long you’ve been waiting, plus the option to report long waiting times. Do you feel like you’ve been waiting too long? You can reject the order at the bottom of the page.

When you use the ‘Notify’ button if a session is fully booked, you will receive a notification when the session is still available more than 5 hours before the session starts. Please note that this notification is offered to each rider one by one, with 15 minutes in between. The riders chosen for the notification are based on:

1. Whether you have booked several other sessions that can be connected (for example from 14:00 – 15:00 and from 16:00 – 17:00 and a ‘Notify’ from 15:00 – 16:00
2. Whether you have selected a ‘Notify’ that matches a single session that you had already booked (for example, you have enabled a ‘Notify’ from 14:00 – 15:00 while you had already booked a session from 13:00 – 14:00)
3. Which booking group you are in
4. The time that the ‘Notify’ request was made


You’re covered in case you get into an accident when riding with Deliveroo. Please check out this page to find all the information about insurances and what you need to do in case of an accident.


When you’re 18 years or above, it’s allowed for you to deliver alcohol to a customer. If you’re younger than 18, we will ensure that you will not be offered these type of orders. The system automatically recognizes when you turn 18 and will, from that moment on, offer orders that contain alcohol. If you do not wish to deliver alcohol, please contact our Support Team.

No, for both riders and customers it’s not allowed to deliver and/or order alcohol under the age of 18. The Rider app will always ask whether the customer looks younger than 25 when delivering alcohol. If you think they do, you are authorized to ask for the customer’s ID and to enter the date of birth in the Rider app. The app will calculate whether or not you can deliver the alcohol.

You don’t have to bring back the alcohol to the restaurant. You can dispose the alcohol responsibly and you will get fully paid for the order. If a customer has questions, please refer them to our Customer Service Team.

Gall & Gall orders can be returned to the shop. If you return the alcohol, you get double paid for the order. When a situation like this occurs, please contact our Live Rider Support.

Absolutely. Please contact Rider Support so that we can change this in your account.


Definitely! When you go to our Application Page, please select ‘Scooter’ when asked for a Vehicle type. To ride a scooter you must be 18 years old, plus it’s mandatory to be in the possession of a (scooter) driving license and WAM- insurance. Please contact your insurance company to ensure that your insurance covers for courier services.

Scooter and E-bike riders earn the same as normal cyclists, according to the distance fee model. Check out all information about earnings according to the distance fee model here


Did you already check if you’ve filled in your KvK-number, address, VAT-number, IBAN, and BIC? If so, please contact us through the Rider Support Contact Form. We’d love to help!


Your tax obligations depend on how much you earn. In general, Income Tax and VAT tax are applicable to most of the riders.

You can find plenty of information online. For example, you can take a look at these videos made by BOOSTZ (switch on subtitles) about the obligations as a freelancer, VAT return, income tax and more.

As an alternative for doing your own tax administration, there’s also the possibility to register at a payroll company like ‘Verloning’ (www.verloning.nl).

If you’re looking for the Activation incentive on your first invoice, please check the FAQ under ‘What is the Activation incentive?’. If you think that something is really missing, please go to the Rider Support Contact Form to get help.

Did you already check if you’ve filled in your KvK-number, address, VAT-number, IBAN, and BIC? If yes, please go to the Rider Support Contact Form. We’re here to help!

Other questions

No problem! You can easily change your zone in the Rider App (at the top center, click on ‘Change Zone’).

Enjoy yourself! You’re free to go on holiday or take a break from riding with Deliveroo. No need to let us know. Enjoy!

Your booking statistics will stay the same even when you’re not working.

Just a few things to note: Your auto-booked sessions won’t cancel themselves, so cancel them while you’re away to give other riders a chance to book. If you turn auto-bookings off entirely, you can turn on any available auto-bookings when you get back. Please note: if you book but don’t attend your sessions, your attendance rate will be impacted. Also keep in mind that there’s a slight chance that your segment will change while you’re away, as this depends on the statistics of other riders in your city.

No, it’s not possible to book or cancel any sessions from another country. Are you going on holiday or moving abroad for a while? We recommend that you cancel any upcoming sessions/auto bookings before you leave as we cannot manually remove them. This way, your sessions will be available for other riders to book. Thank you for understanding!

Yes, this is allowed. Please note that this person has to physically get their ID and (if required) right to work document checked by us before he/she can ride with your rider app. If your substitute is underaged, he/she will not be allowed to deliver alcohol which means that we will need to permanently disable alcohol deliveries on your account.

You can add an additional email address to your Rider App so that your substitute can log into the Rider App from his/her phone. Side note! It’s your own responsibility to arrange your payments amongst yourselves. We can only transfer the payments to the IBAN number linked to your Rider Account.

Staying safe in traffic is incredibly important when you’re a rider. We advise you to carefully read this booklet for traffic safety tips.