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If you’re under contract with JAM and get paid by the hour, it’s not allowed to reject orders. In the rare case that you do have to reject an order, please contact Live Support through your Rider App.

If you recently applied and are signed up for Regular Riding, you will always have the option to reject an order.


If you’re currently under contract with JAM, you’ll get paid per hour. Beside your hourly pay, you can receive a bonus per order. You’ll start earning this bonus when you complete more orders than the total amount of hours worked during that day. This means if you worked three hours and completed four orders, you’ll receive a bonus per order of €1. If you do five orders then you’ll receive a total bonus of €2.

If you recently applied and signed up for Regular Riding, you’ll receive a distance based fee. Please find all information about how much you earn here!

Beside these earnings, customers can give you tip via the Rider App or in cash.


If you’re currently under contract with JAM,  you can contact [email protected] for all questions related to contracts and payments.

If you recently applied and signed up for Regular Riding, please contact us via this form.

Every 14 days (on Tuesday) you’ll receive an invoice/payslip from either JAM or Deliveroo with your worked hours and incentives. The overview includes all hours worked from the Monday two weeks before the Sunday (two days before the payment date): a total of 14 days. => The Monday before the payday is already included with the next payment period.


Feel free to go on a holiday or take a break from working with Deliveroo: you can go as often and whenever you want. You don’t need to let us know when you take some time off.