Learn a new language with TaalTaal: 20% discount on group classes!

¿Quieres aprender español? Вы хотите выучить русский язык? Voulez-vous apprendre le français? 日本語を勉強したいですか?

At TaalTaal you can learn 20 different languages including Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Russian and Japanese. For face-to-face courses, you'll now receive a 20% discount!

Each group consists of max. 10 participants so that you learn the language in an active way. In order for the group course to start, three participants are needed but with 1 or 2 people TaalTaal offers a private alternative for the same price and with the same course load.

Within 10 years, TaalTaal has given lessons to over 8000 people! With the TaalTaal method you learn that learning can be really fun!

Join TaalTaal and learn a new language! Just send an email to [email protected] with your Rider ID.

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