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The distance fee compensates riders based on the distance and time needed to complete a delivery. This fee is related to the clustering of zones, which means the zone boundaries are removed and you can receive orders from the whole city. With the new model you will immediately be able to see what the distances are and what compensation there is. In short, more information to make a well informed decision to accept or reject the order.

Why do we introduce distance based fees?

More and more, customers want access to their favourite restaurants. They want greater choice and the ability to order from anywhere. This often means restaurants that are further away.

We feel that the time that you are busy with doing an order should be taken into account when determining the distance fees.

We’re introducing distance based fees now to enable more choice for customers and fairer pay for you. You might see longer distance orders in your Rider App from now on.

You’re still in charge of accepting/rejecting the order.

What do riders think of this change?

We conducted a survey and the results showed that 75% of all riders in The Netherlands prefer to get paid more for long distance orders, even when you get paid a little less for shorter orders.

General Questions

Tuesday the 31st you’ve received an announcement for launch, Thursday 2 August from 09:00 o’clock the new model went live. From this moment on all riders will receive orders based on distance fees.

Yes. all riders will switch onto this new model from the 2nd August.

We noticed that customers would like to have more choice in restaurants and we would like to offer as many orders as possible to riders. Because there is a demand for longer distance orders from our customers, we feel that the time that you are busy with doing an order should be taken into account when determining the distance fees. Therefore, it is possible that you will see long distance orders in the Rider App, but along comes an increase of the fee. In return, the fee for shorter distances will be a little less. You always have the choice to accept or reject an order.

Questions about the Rider App

Update your Rider App to see all the information you need. 


We suggest the route in app to help you find the customer. But it’s totally up to you which route you take – you’re the expert! The distance fee is determined by the route the Rider App calculates.

Update your Rider App to see all the information you need.

You will still earn according to the new model, however you will not see the new delivery screen.

Questions about your earnings

Please find all answers to your questions below

We’ll communicate a minimum base fee each month. This monthly minimum delivery fee is set to reflect expected customer demand to give you even more security in what you earn.

The variable distance fee can only get higher if the distance will be longer.


We believe you should make as much, if not more from this new, fairer fee structure.

In fact, if you make less in any pay period during August and September 2018 than you would have done for the same number of orders completed on your old fixed fee per delivery rate, we’ll pay you the difference.

No, you accept an order by confirming the order, which indicates you will execute the order complete and correct. When the order is not being delivered, you will not receive any payment. You are always free to reject an order. Deliveroo takes care of all information necessary to decide whether you accept an order or not.

This will be the same way you did as before: you can see what you earn on your invoice or in your Rider App in the menu under ‘Earnings’.

Yes. You are completely free to choose which deliveries you want to complete and which you would rather reject. This has no impact on your statistics.

If two orders being prepared at the same restaurant are due to be delivered nearby one another, we’ll add them together in a stack.

Stacked deliveries save you time, and mean you only have to pick-up from a single restaurant.

For a stacked delivery you now make:
€4,60 base fee + €2,00 stacking bonus + variable distance fee

The calculation is based on a combination of the distance an order will travel, as well as the time we expect it may take to complete. This is calculated specific to your area – because the time it takes a travel 2 km in Rotterdam can be very different to how long it may take in Amsterdam, for example.

We believe it is fairer to have a fee system that takes into account the full delivery:

Accepting the order + traveling to the restaurant + delivering to the customer(s)  

The calculation is based on a combination of the distance an order will travel, as well as the time we expect it may take to complete.

Because we have a lot of faith in this new way of working, we will introduce a guarantee period of two months: if you make less in any pay period throughout August and September than you would have done on your set fee per delivery rate, we’ll pay you the difference.

For every payment period (14 days) we will calculate the difference between your earnings on the new model and the earnings on the old model (amount of orders x €5,-). If it seems you make less in these two months, we will pay you the difference. This difference will be processed on your invoice every two weeks.

The model is established to make sure the fees are in line with the time you spend on orders. Our goal is to not let it affect your earnings.

The fee for each delivery is calculated based on the distance as well as how long it is expected it will take you to complete the delivery safely. This fee will still stay the same – whether it takes you more or less time than we expected – however you are free to take your preferred route to complete the delivery.

We will be automating this process as soon as possible. In the meantime, if this happens, please be in touch with Rider Support so they can process a possible compensation manually.

The fee we offer for every order takes into account how long we expect it will take to complete the full order (from acceptance, to collection at the restaurant, travel to the customer and completing the delivery). This is based on a zone level to make it accurate in your area.

For riders choosing to work with distance based fees there is also a new tool which allows you to choose to unassign from an order when a restaurant keeps you waiting too long. You can unassign in-app with no need to call rider support.

From time to time there may be some delays – but you should not be regularly kept waiting at restaurants. If a restaurant is making you wait too long, you can unassign from the delivery at any time in-app.

You can also report restaurants that regularly keep you waiting too long to rider support.

You can continue to track your earnings through the invoice you receive each pay period – which shows how much you have made on each day you’ve worked.

You can also track your fees in-app. The in-app My Earnings tool lists all of the deliveries you have completed and the fee for each one.

You can access more details about the fee – such as, if it includes a surge – by clicking on the total

You’ll now also see more details about every delivery. Before you accept any order, you’ll see:

  • The full journey, including customer address
  • The full fee (this will change for every delivery)
  • The option to accept or reject the delivery

When you arrive at the restaurant and the order is cancelled by a customer, you will receive the total delivery fee you have accepted the order for. When you are on the road to the restaurant and the customer cancels the order, you will receive the base fee of that month. When this happens, Rider Support will be in touch with you to take care of this.


The distance fee is calculated based on the entire journey you do, which means that this covers the distance to the restaurant and the distance to the customer

Yes, the total delivery fee will is ex. VAT.


If you have questions about the distance fees, you can reach us via What's App or give us a call on +316 51881324. We will be available between 09:30-12:30 and 14:00-17:30 from Tuesday afternoon 31st of July until Monday the 6th of August. No time to call? You can reach us by clicking on the Contact Form button below.

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