Au revoir Acceptance Rate!

Starting the 24th of August, you’ll no longer see the percentage of orders you’ve chosen to accept in the rider app.

Riding with us means you’re free to decide when, where and whether you work, which includes choosing which orders you want to accept or reject. This is why we do not factor your acceptance rate into any self-serve booking statistics.

80%, 92%, 67% – whatever your acceptance rate is, it simply doesn’t matter to us.

We focus on offering you the best earning opportunities when you decide to go online in your app. It’s up to you whether you take those opportunities.

The feature had been available so that you could see the potential fees you had turned down by rejecting orders. But from listening to you, we know this feature was causing confusion, especially as it has zero impact on your ability to work with us. So, it has now been removed.

Remember, if you immediately know you do not want to do an order, it is much quicker and easier just to reject it as soon as it is offered – you don’t need to accept and then unassign yourself.