CLIF Bar: THE healthy and nutritious snack!

Have you heard of CLIF Bar yet? CLIF Bars are tasty, nutritious and most important: packed with energy. They are designed to deliver energy during long-term performances (exactly what a Deliveroo rider needs!) and contains different types of carbohydrates, fibers, protein and vitamins. CLIF Bars come in different flavors and can easily be put in your back pocket or rider bag.

But hold up, wait a minute! This is not just an informative piece about how nutritious and delicious CLIF Bars are, we have great news! From November 6th, whenever you pick up an order at one of the Wagamama restaurants in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Utrecht and you’re wearing your Deliveroo gear, you’ll receive a free CLIF Bar and saddle cover! We advise you to be quick because it’s first come, first serve. And trust us, you’re gonna wanna taste this.