25% off Telefoonglaasje.nl!

Are you the type op person that always drops their phone? And then you just hope that your screen isn’t completely shattered? We know the feeling…that’s why we’re so happy to announce that Telefoonglaasje.nl is giving all Deliveroo Riders 25% off everything in their webshop!

25% off?

That’s right!

From tempered glass screen protectors to phone cases to chargers and cables, Telefoonglaasje.nl has everything you’re looking for. So: no unnecessary repairment costs or broken screens: Telefoonglaasje is here! To use this exclusive discount, please submit your Rider ID and e-mail address HERE and get your discount code immediately. Please note: this code can only be used with a valid Rider ID.


Oh, and also:

  • Free delivery in NL & BE
  • Pay Safely & postpay
  • 30 day return
  • Order before 5PM, get your delivery tomorrow!


P.S. The Telefoonglaasje website is only available in Dutch at the moment. Every order has an English manual included, however, If you need any help, feel free to contact their Support Team here! For instruction video’s on how to apply your screen protector, click here.


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