No mo' Lava Pizza



We’re glad you’re here. We just wanted to give you a quick rundown on how to put pizza in your rider bag without turning it into Lava. We know it takes some practice, but you’re awesome, so you can do this. Here we go:


Step 1: Undo the straps of your backpack

Step 2: Open the inside of your bag

We mean aaaaall the way

Step 4: Put the pizza in the bag and make sure it’s levelled

So, not like this (Lava alert!)

Step 5: Be mindful that when you lean forward, the pizza will too. Try to cycle in an upright position (it’s better for your back too, you know!)

…you don’t want the pizza to end up looking like this

…more like this!

Voilà, the perfect pizza!

Ride Safe!