15% off FlixBus!

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Affordable, convenient AND Eco-Friendly: With more than 300.000 daily connections to 2000 destinations in 29 countries, FlixBus offers you the opportunity to discover all of Europe. Flixbus buses are equipped with large and comfortable seats, a toilet, Wi-Fi and power outlets. No reason to take a plane, right?



And to make it even better, as a Deliveroo rider you can claim an exclusive FlixBus discount code to get 15% off your round trip ticket! Just fill in THIS form, buy your bus tickets via the FlixBus App and travel green to your next destination!


To get this offer:

1. Request your unique code here (we’ll send it to you via email)
2. Download FlixBus App and search for your next vacation
3. Choose your bus ride from the cart and repeat it if you plan a round trip
5. After including all the rides that you plan to purchase in the cart, click on the “In cart” arrow mark and find the box where it says “Redeem Voucher”
6. Put your code in the box, click on the “green tick” mark located next to it, and validate your 15% discount. Afterwards you could proceed via clicking “Next” button for passenger details and payment.

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