Get on the road safely with WingLights!

Signalling your direction while you’re on a bike can be difficult, especially with a bag full of deliciousness on your back. And turning around to see what’s happening behind you? Both very important, but definitely tricky. Traffic Safety is very important to us, so:

Meet WingLights! WingLights can be used to, beside using your arm signals, let other road users know when you’re making a turn. WingLights attach quickly and easily via the hollow space found in most handlebars and are lightweight, waterproof, shockproof, and designed to promote a long battery life.

But that’s not all! Are you having difficulty seeing what’s happening behind you while you’re riding? With RearViz, you can assemble side mirrors on your handlebars. This way you can easily see what is happening around you without having to look behind you.

You want it? You can! Because as a Deliveroo Rider, you get a 50% discount on cycling safety accessories from CYCL!

Please submit your Rider ID and e-mail address HERE to get your discount code. Please note: this code can only be used with a valid Rider ID.

Ride Safe!


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