Rider Forum: Voting = closed

Who will be representing your city in the upcoming Rider Forum?


Imad Lotfi
“We as deliverers face a lot of problems. A lot of us note this problems, but there is nobody who really look for a solution. I want to be that person, with your help !”

Sohail Akram
“I already be a part of rider forum and i have quite enough knowledge about it. I want to be a part of rider forum again to give better and better feedback which would be helpful for company.”

Mandeep Singh
“More than 30 delivroo riders are my friends..even I made a delivroo riders help group too…I have daily interection with 50-60 riders who wish me every day and share their common problems and good moments. I want to represent the problem of all delivroo riders. I am not much experienced but if I get a chance I will play my role well in the association.”

Sergio Schaart
“You told me about the life as a rider.
You told me about the things that made you happy.
You told me about the things that frustrated you.
We talked about the approach from restaurants.
We talked about some other stuff like earnings, flexibility, gear, weather conditions and more.
The story is not ended.
Let me keep telling your stories to help to make the best out of your life as a rider!”


Devaramane Rakshith Swamy
“Hi, I work in Arnhem for almost 6 to 7 days a week. I would like to solve the problems as soon as possible by contacting deliveroo. I would be at your help whenever you want.”

Sohail Akram
“I am already a rider representative for Arnhem and i know almost all rider in Arnhem and i keep in touch with all. Moreover, i also have enough experience of rider forums so i think i will do this stuff better than someone else”

Breda/Den Bosch/Tilburg

Karolien van der Klein
“I would like to represent my city because I often drive and like to know what is going on among the riders. I want to get a clear picture of what is going well in Den Bosch and what can be improved.”

Paweł Hirsz
“I want to have information on a regular.”

Denis Mihai Pop
“Because i’m one of the best riders”

Den Haag

Dimi Parushev
“Having had around 2 years experience with Deliveroo, I care about quality and good performance from both riders and the company. I find feedback essential and try to provide it on a regular basis. I believe I know what riders value most and am looking forward to discussing it with you so there are further improvements within the company should I be given the chance to be a representative.”

Mohammed Tarek Hossain

“Yea i want to be a part of rider forum because i know everyone and evry rider i have well comunicated to other”

Naim Sarkar
I want to be a part of rider forum due to I want to share the real rider field situation.Actually,the riders deserve more than what deliveroo provides us at present .Hence we need to talk about the disadvantage and overcome procedures about the negative thinking about deliveroo.


Max Glaser
“Hi! My name’s Max and I’ve been a Deliveroo rider for a little over a year now. I like working for Deliveroo and want to make sure the riders’ voices are heard within the company, as this very important for creating an enjoyable work experience. Whether you find me on the road or in our Telegram group, I’m more than happy to have a chat, answer your questions, and listen to your feedback.

For the past year I have been part of the Rider Forum, my fellow members and I, alongside the team at Deliveroo, have addressed and solved many complaints you as riders have raised, such as the waiting time at certain restaurants. We also made sure the fees you receive for your orders are more attractive.

I’d like to continue my work in improving our work conditions, but that will not be possible without your help. So please, vote for me if you want Deliveroo to become even better!”

Vishall Helm
“Because I think I’d be able to fix the flaws and make Deliveroo even better”


John Sof
“I love this job, and i want it to keep getting better for everyone.”

Redouan Ziamari