Meet: Mario Nemolato!

Which course did you choose and why?

I have chosen the path for  Product management, that is a Master degree path, 1 year long.

Between all the paths, this PM path was for me the most interesting and fitting with my mindset and attitudes ;

it was suddenly clear that PM path was the right choice for me.

I have chosen this path to become a successful Product Manager, so I can make further advancements in my professional career and be far closer to find/create my own “dream job”. I am also very excited because,  thanks to the skills that I am acquiring into product management, I will be able to support myself in the best way, to build up my own company in the very next future.

How were the first months for you? Was it easier, harder or kind of what you expected?

The first months the main struggle has been to re-organize and re-prioritize my life in order to fulfill the new (study) goals.

In the beginning, It has been very stressful ( because of the several changes of my life schedule )and sometimes I was doubting of my capacity to follow the study plan and in the same time work and, a bit of free time to chill out (in dutch…te ontspannen, right?).

Luckily, I had experienced very good support by my Mentor, Polina.

She follows me weekly with online tutoring and contributed to raising my grade of self-confidence when it was needed.

Now, after the initial reorganization, everything is going good and progressing positively.  

I feel very happy to have been involved in this scholarship and I feel very optimistic about the positive contribution of this study path,  to my “life ‘s journey” (!)

What is your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge in the study and for myself is

-Keep myself focused on the goals set.

-Set satisfying priorities for my personal life and my professional goals.

-Working on improving /optimizing my productivity without overloading myself  

-Deal with deadlines, moments of high stress-level, and of course, sometimes mistakes and failures.

What are you hoping to achieve after you’ve completed the course?

I hope to become……above all a better human being , then  to achieve a cool job position that develops and improves my  overall life ‘s experience, not only granting me a good income ,but also new interactions with positive people , and the chance to support a better world towards  the concept of “sustainable healthy development” .

I aim to create an online community platform to swapping services and networking people using a group or services/products mainly related to the sectors of( in random order)  Music & Entertainment, Sports Coaching, Online Tutoring & Education, with the focus both for B2C and B2B markets.

My ambition is to stimulate everyone’s happiness and awareness in order to improve our quality of life and experience as individuals and at a social level too.

My ultimate goal is to create a prototype of  web-based platform based on an economic service swapping model system(services vs services) in place of  a speculative financial model (services vs money)

Anything else you would like to add? 🙂

The best support from Roo I could have is to be hired in an internship position as Intern  (Junior) product Manager or in the UX design field also.

( actually, I am again a student, so I could still be hired for an internship!)

Why I suggest to be hired as an intern by Roo? That s a win-win-win situation for me Roo and OpenClassrooms for sure for multiple obvious reasons!  

An internship would help a lot to focus more on reaching my goals and concentrate on my actual targets.

I am particularly attracted by Product management and UX field because, I am a creative person, and  Ux field is strongly related in the key processes of the product management path that i am studying.

It would be fantastic to be able to have a direct and real exposition to such job environment and be able to give back and show my gratitude to Roo for this awesome opportunity granted to me.


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