FAQ Earnings

For every order you do, you will receive a fee based on the distance of the order. Please find all information about how much you earn here.

Beside this fee, customers can give you tips via the Rider App or in cash.

No, if you earn less than €603,92 every four weeks, you won’t need a KvK- and VAT (BTW) number. You can read all about it on this page.

Do you want to register at the KvK but don’t know how? You can find plenty of information online. For example, you can take a look at this video made by BOOSTZ (switch on subtitles).

As mentioned above, if you earn no more than €603,92 per four weeks, you can work without having a KvK- and VAT-number. In this case, you’ll be riding under our “Regular Model”. For more information, please click here!

An invoice will be sent via email on your behalf with the amount of hours worked and the orders delivered.

If you work with a KvK/Tax number your invoice will include tax as agreed in the Rider Agreement (Overeenkomst van opdracht). In order for you to receive your payment, we’ll need some information such as your IBAN and address and in some cases your  KvK and VAT number.

You can expect the invoice twice a month on a Tuesday. You’ll receive the payment the day after. Check out our calendar for all pay days.

Every two weeks you will receive your invoice on Tuesday. This means that you will receive your payment the next day. The invoice contains all the orders you have done starting from the Monday two weeks before the invoice date until Sunday (two days before invoice date): a total of 14 days.

=> The Monday before the invoice date, will be included in the next payment period!

You can now claim your earnings whenever you want!

You’ll still be paid biweekly every Tuesday as normal, but you also have the option to claim your fees straight away. To use the feature, just tap your current balance on the Earnings page, then confirm the payment. If you do this before 21:00 Mon-Fri, you’ll receive your fees instantly – if you process it after 21:00 or on the weekend, your fees will be sent to your bank account the next working day. It costs €0.50 each time you use this. Of course, there’s still no transaction fee on normal fee days.

We’re rolling this out over the next few weeks – if you don’t see the feature yet, sit tight and check back soon. Make sure your app is up to date by tapping Settings and Check for app updates.

Please note: if you’re signed up with Verloning.nl, you won’t be able to use this feature.

Incentives are extra earnings you receive on top of your earnings per order and tips. After reaching a specific target, which varies per city, you can earn some extra money. Every two weeks you receive an email from us with the up-to-date incentives along with the Roosletter, so don’t forget to check your e-mail inbox.

Please note; if you’re riding in multiple cities, we’ll apply the incentives of the city where you’ve delivered most of your orders.

Did you just start working with Deliveroo? Hop on your bike, do your first order and you’ll receive an activation incentive of €25,-! On top of that, you can earn an extra €50,- when you have delivered 25 orders within three weeks after your first order.

This incentive will usually be transferred to your account after a month and a half, because the period of time to collect the orders needed to get the incentive is 3 weeks. After those three weeks we can process your incentive if you have done the amount of orders needed to get it. We always pay out the activation fee at the end of the month, so if the payment date just passed, it will take two or four more weeks of your to get your incentive.

*Please note: this incentive is only valid when you did not enter a referral code during your application and if you applied before February 11th, 2019.

For every new rider you refer to Deliveroo, you and your buddy will both receive an incentive. To receive this incentive, it’s important that the new rider uses your unique referral code and does 30 orders within 60 days (from time of application). Please note; you can only use a referral code from someone who’s an existing rider in The Netherlands and has an Active Account. We change referral rates per city based on our need for applicants in a certain week. Therefore, rates may vary across time and can also be switched off completely. Please refer to the Rider App FAQs for current referral rates per city.

You will receive the referral incentive one month after the rider has done the 30 orders within 60 days (from time of application) and will be paid out with the rest of your earnings.

Want to unsubscribe from our Referral texts? Please fill in your phone number here.

For all questions you can go to the Rider Support Contact Form.