FAQ Gear

Safety first! The gear you use to deliver orders has to meet the safety- and quality standards of Deliveroo. You can read those in our agreement. If you don’t have gear at your disposal, there’s the possibility to order this gear in our webshop Shopify. We often offer large discounts for your Deliveroo gear! You can order the basic items (backpack, thermal bag and jacket) with discount by using the code you receive in your mailbox once you get to the stage in the application process to order gear.

It is not mandatory to order gear from Deliveroo, but it does need to comply with the safety- and quality standards of Deliveroo. If you have your own gear, you can have this checked via our Contact Form. It’s important to have at least a backpack, thermal bag and jacket with reflective elements during the deliveries to ensure your health & safety on the road. But you can get our gear with discount, so why not?

If something goes wrong with your gear (e.g. zipper is broken) within the six months warranty period, please go to our Contact Form. We will make sure you receive your new gear so you can be back on the road as soon as possible. Is your warranty period expired? You can order new gear via this link.

Don’t panic! You can first check out your Track & Trace code to see where your order is and ask your neighbors whether they might have received it.

Still didn’t find your order? Go to the Contact Form to be in touch with us.

Please be in touch with through the Contact Form.

Please be in touch with us through the Contact Form.

When you stop working with Deliveroo you can keep your gear. Thank you for riding with us!

You can decide for yourself which backpack you would like to use during deliveries, as long as it meets the requirements of food and traffic safety. The weight of the bag will vary per order, however, we aim towards a maximum weight of 12 KG. The Deliveroo bag itself weighs 1.96 KG.

Are you an existing rider and would you like to order new or extra gear? Check out our webshop here!