Safety requirements gear

Already have gear? Please send photos of your gear to [email protected], so we can check if it meets our safety standards.
You can find our safety requirements below.


Bright upper-body garment with incorporated retroreflective material, or separate retroreflective elements e.g. armbands or sleeves, to outline shape of and movement of body.

Small thermal bag

A foil­-lined insulated thermal bag. This must be hygienic and easy to clean to keep food warm and safe as you deliver and be sealed with a zip or similar closing mechanism. This bag must be at least 35cm x 26cm x 35cm.

Thermal bag

A durable, foil­-lined food cargo backpack or box. This must be hygienic and easy to clean with a secure closing mechanism. Must have external reflective elements on all visible sides to ensure that it is seen by all road users at all times when on the road. Food cargo boxes and backpacks must have minimal internal dimensions of 36cm x 36cm x 43cm.

Phone mount

The phone mount has to attach to your vehicle and provide an ideal viewing angle gripping the phone firmly.


Bicycle helmet must be in good condition. Please note: for some scooters a helmet is mandatory.