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6 months FREE bookkeeping support with Tellow!

We understand that doing your accounting is NOT your favorite activity. VAT, expenses, tax returns, help! Bookkeeping takes a lot of time and you probably have better things to do.

Unfortunately, these time-consuming activities are very important when you are a freelancer. We want to make this as easy as possible for you, which is why we would like to introduce you to Tellow.


Tellow is a tool that automates your accounting. How?

– Every quarter, Tellow sets up your VAT returns. Uploaded receipts and invoices are immediately added to your VAT overview. This way, your VAT return is ready to be submitted when needed!
– Tellow is linked to your bank account. The app will give you a notification once your invoice is paid or a reminder that an invoice hasn’t been paid yet. Is there something you have to take care of? No worries! Tellow tells you exactly what you need to do when.
– Tellow will register your receipts. Incurred costs by, for example, fixing your bike? You’ll receive a notification after you’ve paid and you can upload your receipt straight away. Tellow recognizes the price, date and VAT and will make sure everything is registered.

The best news? Tellow is offering all Deliveroo riders FREE use of the tool for six months! After this period, you are free to decide whether you want to continue using the app. Tellow is happy to give you advice on this. So, do you want to easily manage your administration and save yourself lots of time and effort? Sign up here! Please note: Tellow is only available in Dutch for now, but you can find the English manual here. The Tellow support Team will be available to answer any questions in English if needed.