Seven tips for riding on the road undisturbed

Starting July 1st it’s prohibited to cycle with your mobile phone in your hand. Cycling without your phone, that’s no fun? Sure it is! Veilig Verkeer Nederland listed some mindfulness tips you can use on the road. So why not take advantage of it, avoid a fine and start riding undisturbed!

Tip # 1: Turn the wait into a moment to recharge

Waiting for a red traffic light? No problem! Take a short break and look at your surroundings. The light will turn green before you know it!

Tip # 2: Turn your bike ride into a moment of peace

During your ride, don’t just pay attention to the traffic around you, also pay attention to yourself. How?
Think about how you’re sitting on your bike. Try to feel how you’re holding your handlebars and how you’re sitting on your saddle. Also pay attention to the way your legs and feet are pushing the pedals. They’re doing all the work after all!

Tip # 3: Be open to (eye) contact

Did you ever consider that when you sit on a bike with an open and relaxed attitude, you sometimes make contact with people you don’t know at all? Have you ever noticed that if you smile at someone, you often get a smile back? Science shows that laughter releases the happiness hormone called endorphins.

Tip # 4: Find your lucky moment

Do you know what makes you happy? And can that happiness be found in small things? There is a good chance that the answer to that 2nd question is “Yes”. Here’s an exercise to deal with the phone ban: Try to discover which little things that you encounter or experience along the way, give you a moment of happiness.

Tip # 5: Talk to a stranger

Don’t you agree that genuine, face to face contact is much rarer these days, especially with people you don’t know? This is actually a pity, because meeting new people unexpectedly often makes life fun. If you cycle from A to B, look at the ride as an opportunity to chat with someone else, for example by giving a compliment. Positive interaction increases the sense of happiness – both for you and the recipient!

Tip # 6: Turn your bike rider into a journey of discovery

Another exercise to enjoy the phone ban: While cycling, look around you and try to discover three buildings, three colors or three other details that you never noticed before. This not only stimulates the brain, you create your own journey of discovery!

Tip # 7: Prepare the old way

Are you cycling to a destination that you haven’t been before? Make sure to check the route in advance and challenge yourself by trying to remember it. This stimulates your brain activity. Do you get to a point where you just don’t know which way to go? Don’t grab your phone straight away for navigation, ask someone around you. That’s how we used to do it back and the days, and let’s be honest, which is actually much more fun!