Getting the right number of riders

How do we make sure there’s the right number of riders on the road?

Whether you ride with us to fund your studies, save up for something special, or support your loved ones, we’re committed to offering you well-paid, flexible work. To help you manage when and where you want to work, we designed Self-serve booking.

Self-serve booking works by matching the number of orders we expect customers will make (order volume) with the number of riders needed to deliver them. This means that when you choose to ride with us, our aim is that you will, on average, be making between €11 – €13 per hour.

The amount of sessions that are published in the SSB tool are based on predicted order volume. Besides that, some other factors such as weather circumstances and holidays are also being taken into account. For example, on Valentines Day, the amount of orders will be much higher than on a regular day, so the tool helps us determine the number of sessions to make available in each area, for every hour, in all cities across the Netherlands!

What about when unpredictable things happen?

For example, the rain starts pouring or there’s a big football match, which may have an immediate and unexpected effect on the number of orders that are placed and therefore the number of riders needed. The system adjusts based on what each zone currently needs. This is why it’s always a good idea to check back in the app or turn on the ‘Let me know when someone cancels’ notification so you don’t miss out when more sessions become available!

Our technology is constantly monitoring order demand and is learning from new and existing trends, so we can become even more accurate at predicting the number of orders we expect to receive. We are working hard to improve our technology, so we can plan for these last-minute changes!

How does this affect the number of new riders we onboard? 

We onboard riders when we expect the current fleet not to book all sessions opened over the next weeks.

When fall approaches, we expect to onboard quite a lot as two effects occur simultaneously:
1) The existing fleet on average works less (if it’s cold and rainy it’s not as fun to work 8 hours per day as with sunny summer weather). This creates a need for additional riders in order to book all sessions opened.
2) Order volume increases as customers also prefer staying on the couch rather than going out for dinner.


If the session you want to work is full, you can click on the timeslot and turn on the “Let me know if someone cancels” switch. You’ll get a notification when a session is available to book.

Over the summer months, there tend to be fewer orders because many of us go on holiday, which is why we expect to be a little quieter than normal.

At times when we expect fewer orders, there may be fewer sessions available to work. This helps make sure that when you ride, you get offered the right amount of orders and you can earn between €11 – €13 on average per hour.

We have a special page dedicated to this. You can read all about your statistics here!

Definitely! Simply click on ‘Change Area’ at the top of your screen.