Ride with Pride

Pride has officially started and we couldn't be more excited to share the love with you. That's why we have 60 limited edition Deloveroo Rider Kits to give away! The kit consists of a Deloveroo Cycling Shirt and a sticker to color up your backpack. Want to get your hands on one? Check below when we're near you or put yourself on the list if you can't make it. We'll divide any leftover kits among the riders on this list!

We're coming for you ❤

VR 26-07-19 - Janskerkhof Utrecht - 13:00-14:30
VR 26-07-19 - KFC Amersfoort - 16:30 - 17:30

DI 30-07-19 - KFC Arnhem - 12:00-14:00
DI 30-07-19 - KFC Nijmegen - 16:00-17:30

WO 31-07-19 - Grote markt Breda - 13:00-14:30
WO 31-07-19 - Catharinaplein Eindhoven - 16:00-18:00

Can't make it? Put yourself on the list here!