(Food) Safety requirements

Please note that it’s mandatory to work with at least a thermal bag, a backpack and a reflective jacket in order to maintain road safety, but it is not mandatory to use the Deliveroo branded kit. 

Reflective jackets: should be made of highly reflective flash material, designed to outline key identifying points of the body – hood, waist, cuffs and shoulders – to ensure riders are visible from all angles and to all road users.

Thermal bags: should be foil-lined, clean and hygienic with insulating material to keep food warm as you deliver and be sealed with a zip. This bag must be at least 35cm x 26cm x 35cm.

Backpacks: should be durable, foil-lined, clean and hygienic with insulating material with a secure closing mechanism. The external reflective elements should ensure that it is visible to all road users at all times when on the road. Food cargo boxes and backpacks must have minimal internal dimensions of 36cm x 36cm x 43cm.