A day in the life of..

On the 30th of October we officially launched Deliveroo’s ‘A day in the life‘ project in The Hague. This is an exchange project in which riders and restaurant owners switch jobs to create an insight in each other’s challenges.

The overall goals of the evening were:

  • Collaboration between restaurants and riders
  • Improve the service level
  • Create awareness on both sides

In total the participating restaurant owners rode for 1.5 hours, with a personal record of 7 orders within this time frame for restaurant Maharani. The participating riders worked each for 1 hour in one of the kitchens.

After the shifts, there was a recap with both parties and the following learnings were discussed:


Restaurant learnings from rider perspective

  • Prioritising orders – How to incorporate the delivery orders with the in-house sales?
  • Active prep-time managementManaging ingredients, business in the restaurant and riders waiting outside is a job on itself
  • Visibility of riders Without rider gear, it is hard to recognise how many riders are waiting outside for their order

Rider learnings from restaurant perspective

  • Time perspective3 minutes in a kitchen feels way shorter than waiting 3 minutes outside as a rider. By actually feeling that time is money, it is frustrating to wait
  • Behavioural frustrations Riders have the feeling they are disrespected by restaurants and impatient behaviour of fellow riders
  • Communication – It would help if a restaurant communicates the expected waiting time

A big thanks to the The Hague riders and restaurant owners of De Resident, Maharani and Full Moon Express for kicking-off this project.

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Are you interested in joining ‘A day in the life’ in your city? Apply here!