Rider Forum Elections 2020

Do YOU want to represent your city?

As you might already know, we’re hosting Rider Forum meetups every quarter where all members can give feedback, talk to us and updates being shared from our side too.

Because we want to give all of you the opportunity to join the Rider Forum, we’re holding new elections in most cities. So are you interested in joining the Rider Forum and to become the voice of your city? Sign up now for the Rider Elections!

The following points are important to us:

  • Being active in the Deliveroo Rider App on a regular basis (and being over 18);
  • Making an active contribution to the Rider Community (being in contact with fellow riders);
  • We need your feedback to get things done. An active contribution would help;
  • Knowhow of what’s going on in the Rider Community in your city.

What we’re offering you:

  • A financial compensation;
  • To be the voice for your fellow riders and city;
  • Visiting the Deliveroo head office in Amsterdam and brainstorming with the Engagement Team.

Here’s what the process looks like:

  • Sign-up time: From the 3rd of December – 11th of December
  • Voting rounds: From the 13th of December – 25th of December
  • Announcement of the winners: 27th of December via the Roosletter

So do you think you would be the perfect candidate to join the Rider Forum? Apply via the button below before the 11th of December!  We’ll announce the candidates soon so that the rest of the Rider Community can choose the representative of their city.

Good luck!