A Swapfiets delivery subscription starting at €13,64 (ex vat) a month

An exclusive deal for Deliveroo riders! 

Deliver orders on a Swapfiets at a set price per month. Service and repairs are included. The contract can be terminated monthly. If you sign up with your Deliveroo account, you won’t have to pay €15 startup costs.

The most important conditions of this deal:

  • Sign up with this link
  • In the sign-up process, please use the same email address and phone number you used for signing up with Deliveroo
  • Don’t forget to have a valid ID and your rider ID at hand when your Swapfiets gets delivered or when you pick it up at the store
  • The Terms and Conditions of Swapfiets apply to this offer (Article 4.2 excluded). That means you’re allowed to use a Swapfiets for delivering purposes.
  • Do you already have a Swapfiets subscription and want to use your bike for deliveries? Please reach out to [email protected] so they can turn your regular account into a delivery account.