Terms & conditions referral bonus

Referrer‘ is a current rider signed up with Deliveroo
Applicant‘ is someone applying to ride with Deliveroo

  • Referrers may be eligible for a referral payment for each new Applicant who uses their referral code when applying, provided the Applicant completes a certain number of deliveries in a certain time. 
  • The amount to be paid will depend on the city the Applicant applies in, rides in and the vehicle the Applicant uses. 
  • The amount payable is the amount that was advertised by Deliveroo at the time the application was received by Deliveroo from the Applicant. 
  • The advertised amount, the order threshold and the delivery period are subjects to change at any time.
  • The Applicant must have not worked with Deliveroo previously. 
  • Only the completed orders in the city the rider applied in will count for the referral payment.
  • Each rider can refer a maximum of 50 Applicants per year. 
  • Use of Deliveroo’s logo, branding, website or other intellectual property is not permitted in relation to this referral scheme or otherwise. 
  • Referral payments will not be made to anyone who does not meet these terms, or is believed to be abusing the scheme.