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We’re committed to offering you great deals that make your #riderlife easier, safer and simply more fun! Meet: Portify.

Portify is an app that brings you exclusive, money-saving perks, just for being a Deliveroo rider. Download it today and see all the offers you’re eligible for, all in one handy place.

You’ll be able to save money on the stuff you need every day, like phone and bike repair, equipment and even insurance. And you’ll be the first to hear about some awesome new perks, from coffees to restaurant discounts, online courses to money off your next bus trip.

Riding has never been so rewarding

Download the app now!

  • Go to this link;
  • Fill in your Rider ID and mobile phone number;
  • Download the app with the link and access code received in a text message.


Portify is a free app that gives you exclusive money-saving perks with exclusive discounts just for being a Deliveroo rider. 

Get discounts on everyday things you need as you ride, such as vehicle repair and equipment. Plus, you can get tasty discounts from your favourite local restaurants.

If you’re an active Deliveroo rider, you can start enjoying our deals and discounts just by signing up here. Once you sign up, you’ll be emailed a link to download the app and get started. 

Portify is extremely safe and secure. Portify utilises the most secure technologies possible such as AES-256 encryption and TLS protocols to ensure your information remains private. 

You won’t be charged to use the Portify app, and it’s free to create and use your account. 

No, Portify will never sell your information or data to unknown third parties. Some information may be shared with platforms that you work with (e.g. Deliveroo). You can read more about this in Portify’s privacy policy.

You can redeem as many perks as you’d like on Portify, but be aware some perks have T&C’s from our partners which will tell you how often you can take advantage of them. 

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